The time awaited by adults and children has finally come: to choose and decorate the Christmas tree. The choice this year will be easier, relying on a high quality, realistic, effective and safe product for the whole family. You will not wait to remove it from the box! This is what we think is the best Christmas tree of 2020

Why should one rather purchase an artificial Christmas day tree than a real one??
It’s incredibly exciting to rather purchase an artificial Christmas tree than a real one. If you have also been searching for a perfect Christmas tree, this article has been written specially for those who are tempted to purchase an artificial tree.
Having got the points good and proper, you won’t have to carry out extra tasks such as cleaning the surface yourself, taking a real tree to your house yourself in snowy and uncomfortable weather, decorating the tree for hours, worrying about your exorbitant furniture, keeping your kids away while decorating the tree and setting electrical wires making efforts.
If you also like to purchase an artificial Christmas tree, you would have got to know the importance of it and why one should rather purchase an artificial tree than a real one.
Perhaps the best part of it is that you won’t have to carry a heavy thing to your house and celebrate your Christmas day as much as possible, for you will have free time as well.

1.National Tree Company Artificial Christmas Tree Includes Stand, Kingswood Fir Slim - 7.5 ft, Green

This artificial Christmas log is an accurate reproduction of real trees: inspired by conifers and pines, no one will notice that you have a fake one. You will have the best branches carefully handcrafted with thick needles perfect for decoration and real pine cones distributed throughout the Christmas tree to contribute to the realistic effect. .Size of the Christmas tree: from 120 to 250 cm.

You will notice the minutiae of every detail. The pine cones and branches are covered with a light foam of micro pearls with glitter to create a light effect suitable for the Christmas period. And if your children miss the snow, the tips have been whitewashed to create the typical winter whiteness.


Among the most realistic synthetic trees, you will choose the size that best suits your environments between 120 and 250 cm. Decorating it will be fun for everyone: 15 minutes to orient branches and dedicate yourself to the decoration. This tall Christmas fir is made of hardly flammable materials, without plasticizers and eco-sustainable.


  1. Our recommendation No. 1 as a Christmas tree on the market.
  2. Accurate reproduction of the with the presence of real pine cones and thick needles.
  3. Light foam with brilliants on pine cones and branches.
  4. Tree tips whitewashed to create the effect of snow.
  5. Choice of height between 120-250 cm.
  6. Quick and easy assembly in 25-20 minutes.
  7. Non-flammable materials, without plasticizers and eco-sustainable.


  1. According to the opinions of some customers, the tree is losing needles.
  2. The base is not too stable.

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